Rob & Elise. Simple. We are simple. Our motivation in writing & sharing our music is also simple, though we consider it one of our greatest privileges and our calling.


We are a married couple who serve Jesus together.  Some people might know us from our days as  Jacob’s Well (1999 – 2009).  The only major difference today is that we’ve actually started really enjoying the simplicity of being called by our real names.  Imagine that!  We live near Seattle WA and are parents to 2 wonderfully musical & spirited boys (6 months / 7 years) whom we love so very much.  They bring us so much joy! We write & record our music at home these days simply because we can’t afford any other way.  We write songs steeped in our experience with Him and how He speaks to us through scripture.  He is our faithful God and Savior.  We love worshiping Him with our voices. We love singing His written Word. Our hope is in Him.  Each breath we take is a gift from Him. Our wish is that anything we create will result in our listeners a very real desire to draw near to Jesus and know that in Him there is real peace, truth, hope & love.

Please enjoy the silly videos, pictures & stories from our everyday completely-imperfect life.  We’ve always wanted to remain highly approachable to others and honest about who we really are with the understanding that we are all wretched sinners saved by God’s amazing grace.  And that is really good news.

That you would see Jesus.