Psalm 8 (Final Version)

God’s word set to music. We hope it blesses you.

Psalm 8
By Rob & Elise Loomis
© 1999 You Are Better Publishing

Typical Evening In Our Home

Lego Racers

We were recently listening to the final mix of a song while our son Micah anxiously sat in the room working hard at not drumming along on his legs or clapping.  Micah is quite the spirited little guy with a musical ability that is easy to spot.  He smiled a wide grin at the final product because he is just as excited as we are to have one of our songs done.  Many nights he has had a turn singing a couple of “tracks” to feel included, which is so stink’n adorable!  Let’s be honest, any parent would love an album of their little one singing like this.

Later that evening we finish dinner and start working on a different song in the living room. Rob strums a guitar and we sing out different parts. Micah is playing with toys but we can hear him singing along with us. What is moving to us is that he is memorizing scripture with ease because he is singing the words.  Just as we are working out something new so we don’t forget it, Micah comes blazing into the room with two of his race cars.  And like thunder that makes the room rumble, he runs around making race car noises. He negotiates how many more times he can do this during our “practice time” and we somewhat patiently get through it.  Pots and dishes that are not put away yet are hit with little race car tires reminding us that this little guy doesn’t want to be forgotten during the focused time. Once he settles down, we wrap up the part we are working on, make a few decisions and eat cookies together before his bed time.  And mine as well.  My last 13 years of working for Starbucks have made me an insanely early morning person. Rob has naturally been a night owl, so he stays up late to write and record.

It’s our life. It’s perfectly who we are. We’ve never been normal from the perspective of what normal is to most. We gave up a life of well-paying jobs, our own wants for a home & routines to do what we felt God had called us to do.  That’s not to say we didn’t love what we were doing.  We didn’t hang our heads because we chose one thing over the other.  It was simply decisions based on calling.  Little has changed since we started making those decisions nearly 15 years ago. We don’t mention this for a pat on the back or to even provoke a response of financial or material support for what we are doing today. We mention it because it’s proof enough to us that God provides when we respond in humble obedience to what He asks us to do. We haven’t always done this well – the obedience part. We still struggle with it.  But it gets easier the more we do it because we see how He sustains us each time we determine to follow where He leads.

More soon!  God bless each of you.