About Us

We’re Rob & Elise, a married couple who serve Jesus together, writing songs steeped in our experiences with Him and how He speaks to us through His written word.  Our motivation in writing & sharing our music is simple – though it is our greatest privilege and our calling – to point people to Jesus Christ.

Some of you might know us from our days touring the country as Jacob’s Well (1999 – 2009).  How fun were those years!?  The only major difference now is that we prefer being called by our real names and sleeping in our own bed instead of motels, floors and car seats 200+ days out of the year.  We’re living in Austin Texas these days with our 2 beautiful boys and 3 massive shepherds enjoying the sun, bbq and assorted taco establishments. If you are in town, get in touch. We would love to meet you and share a taco together.

Thanks for stopping by,